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Tradinghouse Creek Reservoir

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Lake Characteristics

Location: On FM 2957 east of Waco
Surface area: 2,010 acres
Maximum depth: 42 feet
Impounded: 1968

Water Conditions

Conservation Pool Elevation: 470 ft. msl
Fluctuation: 1-3 feet
Normal Clarity: Stained

Reservoir Controlling Authority

1601 Bryan Street
Dallas, Texas 75201
(214) 812-8699

Aquatic Vegetation

Bulrush, cattails, lotus, hydrilla

Predominant Fish Species

Lake Records
Stocking History
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Lake Maps

None available

Fishing Regulations

All species are currently managed under statewide regulations. However, if a grass carp is caught, it must be immediately returned to the water unharmed.

Angling Opportunities

This lake is known for largemouth bass in the 3- to 8-pound range but has produced a lake record of 13.81 pounds. Sunfishes provide excellent opportunities for fly fishing anglers. Crappie are increasing in number and are usually of good size. Channel catfish provide an excellent angling opportunity year round. The power plant is currently not operating, so the water is not warmed in the winter. As a result, the red drum fishery no longer exists, and stockings have been discontinued.

Species Poor Fair Good Excellent
Largemouth Bass     yes  
Catfish       yes
Crappie   yes    
Fishing Cover/Structure

Cattails, bulrush, and the dam riprap provide consistent cover. Isolated patches of hydrilla are available seasonally. TPWD has installed bamboo "crappie condos" at strategic points around the lake. Anglers may use GPS in conjunction with a fish finder to locate these structures.

Use the Habitat Structure Viewer for an interactive map of fish habitat structures and downloadable GPS coordinates.

Tips & Tactics

Largemouth bass fishing can be very good at Tradinghouse. Cattails and bulrushes line most of the shoreline. Spinnerbaits, worms, and jigs all can produce good catches of fish. The dam is a popular spot to fish crankbaits, as the riprap holds a lot of fish. Catfishing is often productive, with good catches of larger fish. Driftfishing or tightlining with cut shad is popular. Crappie fishing is best using live minnows around submerged brush piles. Due to a more seasonal water temperature regime, crappie spawning has become more consistent, and good catches are becoming more commonplace. White bass fishing is slow, with jigs fished on windy points accounting for a few.