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Wright Patman Lake

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Lake Characteristics

Location: On the Sulphur River in Bowie and Cass counties, 10 miles southwest of Texarkana
Surface area: 18,994 acres
Maximum depth: 40 feet
Impounded: 1956

Water Conditions

Current Lake Level
Conservation Pool Elevation: 220.6 ft. msl
Fluctuation: 4-5 feet
Normal Clarity: Moderate

Reservoir Controlling Authority

US Army Corps of Engineers
PO Box 1817
Texarkana, Texas 75504
(903) 838-8781

Aquatic Vegetation

Vegetation covers less than 10% of the lake's total surface area. Dominant species include chara, American lotus, black willow, and buttonbush.

Predominant Fish Species

Lake Records
Current Fishing Report
Stocking History
Latest Survey Report

Lake Maps

Commercial maps are available.

Fishing Regulations

All game fishes are currently managed under statewide regulations.

In the Sulphur River downstream of the Wright Patman dam, it is unlawful to transport live, nongame fishes from this stretch of river to any other water body. Nongame fishes may be collected and used for bait within this water body. For more details, see Possession and Transport of Exotic Aquatic Species.

Angling Opportunities

White bass are very popular at Wright Patman, with high numbers of quality-size fish available for harvest. Crappie are also popular at Wright Patman, with large numbers of legal-size fish available. Both white and black crappie are present; white crappie dominates. Channel and blue catfish are both present, with high densities of quality size fish. Flathead catfish offer an additional angling experience. Largemouth bass are moderately abundant with good numbers of legal-size fish. Bluegill and redear sunfish also offer good fishing opportunities.

Species Poor Fair Good Excellent
Largemouth Bass     yes  
Blue Catfish       yes
Flathead Catfish     yes  
Crappie       yes
White Bass       yes
Sunfish   yes    
Fishing Cover/Structure

Structural habitat consists of inundated timber, brush, creek channels, and riprap. Submerged aquatic vegetation is coverage is low, however high densities of emergent and floating plants are present.

Man-made structures have been used to create five fish habitat "reefs" in this reservoir. Anglers may use GPS in conjunction with a fish finder to locate these reefs.

Use the Habitat Structure Viewer for an interactive map of fish habitat structures and downloadable GPS coordinates.