TPWD Employment Benefits

Annual Leave

Amount earned ranges from 8 to 21 hours monthly depending on:

  • Number of years of state service.
  • Whether employee is full-time or part-time.

Sick Leave

  • Accrued at the rate of 8 hours per month for full-time employees. Part-time employees earn sick leave at a rate proportional to the hours worked.


  • Each session of the State legislature establishes a holiday schedule for state employees which includes most major state and federal holidays.

Group Insurance

A comprehensive group health and life insurance program is available to full-time and part-time employees:

  • For New Hires/Rehires: Health insurance is available the 1st of the following month after a 60-day waiting period.
  • Employee basic health plan (100% premium paid by the State for full-time employees or 50% for part-time employees).
  • Additional coverage for the employee and dependents available at additional cost.


  • Each employee becomes a member of the State Employees Retirement System.
  • 9.5% contributions into the Employees Retirement System upon employment.
  • The state contributes a percentage as determined by the Legislature.
  • Employees who resign before becoming eligible for retirement may request a refund plus interest.

Training and Staff Development Opportunities

  • Extensive in-house training program offering a variety of courses for professional and personal growth and development.
  • Out-of-agency participation in various conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • Academic and continuing education at colleges and universities.

Workers Compensation

  • The Workers Compensation Act applies to employees of this department and provides for medical, lost-time, and disability payments for on-the-job injuries.

Other Benefits

  • Include longevity pay, merit salary increases, deferred compensation, flexible benefits plans, a 401K retirement plan, direct deposit for paychecks, staggered work hours, Employee Assistance Program and a Return to Work Program.

Benefits at a Glance

Listing of TPWD employees’ benefits, eligibility, and contributions.
Benefit Who Is Eligible What You Receive Who Pays
Health Insurance All TPWD employees are eligible to select health coverage from the managed care plan; Health Select, Consumer Directed Health Select or from a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), if available. Comprehensive health and prescription drug benefits, along with $5,000 Basic Term Life insurance and $5,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment after a 60-day waiting period. The state paid portion depends on employee status (Full- or part-time) and the level of health coverage selected.

Employee pays cost of remaining premium through payroll deduction.
Dental Coverage All TPWD employees Three dental plans-two plans provide discounted treatment fees through contracted dentists; the other has choice of dentist with deductibles and copayments. Employee pays the premium through payroll deduction; premium is based on coverage selected.
Vision Coverage All TPWD employees A broad and diverse network of independent ophthalmologists and optometrists including 46 of the Top 50 optical retail chains across the country. Employee pays the premium through payroll deduction; premium is based on coverage selected.
Optional Coverage All TPWD employees Term Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Long and Short Term Disability, and Dependent Term Life Insurance. Employee pays the premium through a payroll deduction. Premiums are based on coverage option selected.
Retirement All TPWD employees are members of the Employees Retirement System (ERS) immediately upon their hire date. A retirement annuity when employee becomes eligible to retire.

At retirement, the employee is eligible to select from six retirement options.

Employee contribution plus 2% interest is refundable if the employee leaves state employment before retirement.

Employee contribution is made on a pre-tax basis. Vesting is at ten years for employees hired after September 1, 2009.
9.5% of the employee's gross monthly salary is deducted and placed in an ERS account.

The State of Texas matches that contribution also at 9.5% of the employee's gross monthly salary.
Supplemental Retirement All TPWD employees Two plans are available: 457 and 401k, with various types of investment plans within these programs: variable and fixed annuities, mutual funds, banks/savings & loans, credit unions, stock plans and fixed income plans.

Money deferred is not subject to federal withholding until withdrawn from plan.
Employee is enrolled automatically in the 401(k) plan at 1%. Employee pays any additional Supplemental Retirement deferred monies and any applicable fees.

TPWD and the State of Texas pay most of the administrative costs of program.
Flexible Benefits All TPWD employees Group Insurance premiums (except disability premiums and dependent life) are paid on a pre-tax basis.

Options to pay other eligible dependent and health care expenses with tax-free dollars are available.
Employee elects amount of' salary redirection based on minimum and maximum limits.
Annual (Vacation) Leave All TPWD employees. May be used after 6-months continuous state service. A set number of vacation hours earned per month based on years of state employment.

New employees with no previous state employment accrue 8 hours per month.

Prorated for part-time employees.
Sick Leave All TPWD employees Eight hours per month with unlimited accumulation.

Prorated for part-time employees.
Holidays All TPWD employees Designated holidays authorized by the Legislature.

Prorated for part-time employees.
Family and Medical Leave Employees who have been employed by the state for at least 12 months (does not have to be continuous) and have been physically on the job at least 1,250 hours during the 12-month period immediately preceding the need for leave. 12 weeks of job protected leave during a 12-month period for birth or placement of a child or to care for the newborn within 12 months of birth or placement, care of an immediate family member with a serious health condition, the employee's own serious health condition, or any qualifying exigency arising out of the call to active duty status of an immediate family member.

26 weeks of job protected leave during a 12-month period to care for a covered service member with a serious injury or illness.
Employee uses available leave.

TPWD will continue to pay the state's contribution toward the employee health insurance.
Sick Leave Pool TPWD employees who have a catastrophic illness or injury, or whose immediate family member has such, and who have exhausted all paid leave, may request sick leave pool. An additional amount of paid sick leave up to a maximum of 720 hours to be used after exhausting all paid leave (pending eligibility, documentation and approval).

Prorated for part-time employees.

The sick leave hours are donated to the pool by TPWD employees.
Extended Sick Leave TPWD employees with two years of continuous employment with TPWD who have a catastrophic illness or injury, and who have exhausted all paid leave, may request extended sick leave. An additional amount of paid sick leave up to a maximum of 480 hours to be used after exhausting all paid leave (pending eligibility, documentation and approval).

Prorated for part-time employees.
TPWD on a case by case basis
Emergency Leave All TPWD employees Up to 24 hours of paid leave in the event of death of immediate family member. TPWD
Jury Duty All TPWD employees Leave with pay during jury service. TPWD
Military Leave TPWD employees who are members of state military or reserve components Up to fifteen work days per federal fiscal year (October – September) when called to active duty for training.

Special Military leave (differential pay) available if called to active duty for Homeland Security.

Up to fifteen work days per fiscal year (September – August) to obtain medical or mental health care administered by the Veterans Health Administration.
Benefit Replacement Pay TPWD employees who worked for the State of Texas on August 31, 1995 and have not had a break in service of at least a year. Up to $1,026.86 per calendar year of benefit replacement pay. TPWD
Flextime & Compressed Work Schedules TPWD employees in certain positions Employee may, with supervisor approval, schedule their work hours between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM, with a minimum 30-minute lunch. TPWD and the Employee
Workers' Compensation All TPWD employees injured on- the-job or with an occupational illness Eligibility for one or more of the following benefits: Medical, Pharmacy, Weekly Compensation, Travel Reimbursement or Death/Burial Benefits. TPWD
Longevity Pay All full-time regular TPWD employees with three or more years of state service. $20.00 per month for each two years of service with a maximum of $280.00 per month. TPWD
Hazardous Duty Pay All certified peace officers Employee receives an additional $10 per month for every year of service in a hazardous duty position. TPWD
Merit Pay TPWD employees with at least 6 months of TPWD service who have not received a merit or promotion within 6 months and have a current performance review which meets eligibility criteria. A monthly salary increase or one-time payment. TPWD
State Employee Charitable Campaign All TPWD employees Option to choose charity and amount to be donated to an approved charity of employee's choice. Employee pays through payroll deduction.
Direct Deposit of Paycheck All TPWD employees Direct deposit of monthly salary warrants to employee's designated bank or credit union. Employee pays any applicable fees to their bank or credit union.
Employee Assistance Program All TPWD employees Limited number of free counseling and referral services for TPWD employees and dependents. TPWD
Tuition Reimbursement TPWD employees with at least 12 consecutive months of TPWD service Reimbursement up to $1,000 per semester, not exceed $3,000 per fiscal year, for academic coursework tuition, subject to availability of funds and certain limitations.

Prorated for part-time employees.
Telecommuting TPWD employees in certain positions with at least 6 months of TPWD service Opportunity to work from home in accordance with a telecommuting policy. TPWD and the Employee
Parking All TPWD employees Free parking in lots in close proximity; designated parking is provided for employees with disabilities. TPWD
Texas Legal All TPWD employees When issues arise requiring legal assistance, members have access to a network of participating attorneys in Texas. Two Texas Legal Plans to choose from. Employee pays the premium through ACH/credit card option. Premium is based on plan selected.

Salaried employees are paid once a month, on the first workday of the month. Hourly employees are paid no later than the 15th calendar day of the following month.