About TPWD

Since 1963 the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has proudly served the citizens of Texas and its visitors by providing outdoor recreational opportunities, managing and protecting fish and wildlife habitat, as well as acquiring and managing parklands and historic areas.

Stewardship @TPWD


We are passionate about the natural and cultural resources of Texas, and we use our knowledge, supported by the best science, to manage and conserve those resources.

Service @TPWD


We are a community of public servants focused on delivering outstanding service to all of our stakeholders and customers. We strive to be responsive with a sincere desire to inform, educate and help.

Excellence @TPWD


We strive for excellence in every aspect of fulfilling our mission while relying on research and sound science to adapt to ever-changing environmental, economic and societal conditions.

Integrity @TPWD


We have a culture that strives to inspire and maintain trust on the basis of ethical decision-making. We are accountable for our actions and communications.

Teamwork @TPWD


We treat each other with respect and communicate often and openly to foster collaborative efforts. We appreciate the value of various backgrounds, expertise and ideas and incorporate multiple perspectives in decision-making and strategic actions.