Coastal Fisheries

Coastal Fisheries

We manage saltwater habitats to ensure sustainable populations of marine life.

  • Conduct research to support marine life management goals.
  • Conserve and restore coastal habitats including offshore artificial reefs.
  • Ensure adequate freshwater inputs to the state's bays and estuaries to maintain healthy water and aquatic habitats.
  • Operate saltwater hatcheries, monitoring and stocking programs to support recreational and commercial fishing.

Career Opportunities

  • Scientists
    Marine fisheries and hatchery biologists, research scientists, geneticists, ecologists, hydrologists, engineers, statisticians
  • Technicians
    Field technicians, mechanics, construction tradesmen, research assistants, equipment operators
  • Geographic Information Specialists
    Computer scientists, geographers, analysts
  • Boat Captains
    Airboats, bay boats, oceangoing vessels
  • Divers
    Scientific divers, decompression divers, mixed-gas divers
  • Education and Community Specialists
    Outreach event coordinators, angler and boater education instructors, volunteer coordinators

Why We Love it Here

  • Have Texas' beautiful bays, estuaries and Gulf waters as our office
  • Conduct vital cutting-edge research on marine ecosystems
  • Work with world-class scientists
  • Be an important part of the nation's longest-running marine fisheries sampling program