Executive Office

Executive Office

Represent the agency with the public and ensure compliance with all commission policies and state and federal laws and regulations.

  • Coordinate activities related to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, Texas Legislature, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.
  • Supervise senior agency management and serve as the senior decision authority.
  • Govern the agency's programs, facilities, finances and services.
  • Develop the agency's strategies and policies.
  • Receive and coordinate all incoming correspondence and most public contact.

Career Opportunities

  • Leadership
    Executive Director, Deputy Executive Directors, Division Directors, Director of Engagement and Inclusion
  • Internal Oversight and Compliance
    Internal Affairs, auditor, archivist
  • Public Affairs Specialists
    Government relations specialist, international affairs
  • Executive Administration

Why We Love it Here

  • Have global knowledge of all the divisions' activities
  • Coordinate the agency's strategic planning and projects
  • Playing a direct role with political, stakeholder and government leaders
  • Serve all citizens of Texas
  • Shape and steer conservation efforts that affect the state and country