Information Technology

Information Technology

Support technology infrastructure at agency offices from the Panhandle to the Valley.

  • Adopt emerging technologies to remain current with the changing marketplace and better serve customers.
  • Protect agency data and technology assets.
  • Develop and deploy cutting-edge mobile applications, cloud-based services and telecommunications infrastructure solutions.

Career Opportunities

  • Analysts
    Programmers, infrastructure analysts, software designers, security analysts
  • Specialists
    Software, database and web administrators, application developers, project managers, program developers, Geographic Information Specialists
  • Tech Support
    Hardware, software, telecommunication and network technicians, IT resource purchasers

Why We Love it Here

  • Collaborate with varied stakeholders to improve technology solutions
  • Work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment
  • Develop creative solutions for today's online workplace
  • Create innovative custom applications to support wildlife research and outdoor recreation
  • Travel the state to keep our offices, systems and coworkers updated, outfitted and connected.