Inland Fisheries

Inland Fisheries

Manage freshwater fish populations in reservoirs and rivers.

  • Protect and restore aquatic habitats.
  • Support aquatic management goals by conducting surveys, habitat assessments and fisheries research.
  • Raise and stock fish for Texas waters.
  • Enhance and provide fishing opportunities for civic groups and freshwater anglers.

Career Opportunities

  • Scientists
    Field biologists, hatchery biologists, geneticists, ecologists, researchers
  • Technicians
    Fishery, habitat, laboratory and systems maintenance technicians, boat and vehicle mechanics
  • Data Analysts
    Database managers, statisticians, trend analysts, Geographic Information Specialists
  • Education and Outreach Specialists
    Tour guides, angler and wetland educators, event coordinators, exhibit curators
  • Support Staff
    Budget managers, office managers, grant writers, customer service representatives

Why We Love it Here

  • Spend time outdoors exploring the natural diversity of Texas
  • Work with living things in natural settings
  • Maintain healthy fisheries for present and future generations
  • Work with internationally renowned experts in the field of inland fisheries management, research and conservation
  • Care for aquatic creatures in 1,000 public reservoirs and 191,000 miles of rivers and streams