Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Protect and defend the laws of Texas.

  • Serve the citizens of the state by providing fishing, hunting and water safety law enforcement.
  • Perform air, land and water search and rescue operations in all areas of the state.
  • Provide public safety and emergency management in response to natural disasters and in homeland security operations.
  • Conduct conservation education and community outreach.

Career Opportunities

  • Texas Game Wardens
    Air, land and water law enforcement , public safety and community outreach
  • Special Teams
    Investigations, land and water tactical units, search and rescue, underwater recovery, K-9 unit
  • Police Communications Operators Support Staff
    Administration, procurement, budget
  • Technicians
    Motor vehicle, marine, radio
  • Aircraft Pilots

Why We Love it Here


  • Flexible work hours
  • Education and language stipends
  • Department-issued uniforms and specialized equipment
  • Take-home patrol vehicle
  • Paid training academy, advanced training opportunities
  • Promotional opportunities (after four years of service)
  • 20 years Certified Peace Officer state retirement plan
  • Conserve and protect the natural resources of Texas


  • Assist with the protection of natural and cultural resources