Represent, advise and counsel the agency regarding environmental and conservation law, regulatory and law enforcement matters, tort claims and administrative hearings, real estate, contract, open government and agency operations.

  • Collaborate with conservation professionals, scientists, law enforcement and other state and federal agencies, including the Office of the Attorney General.

Career Opportunities

  • Attorneys
    General Counsel, and specialized legal areas including environmental, fish and wildlife, water, contracts, administrative, employment, criminal, open government, tort, real estate
  • Program Manager
    Regulations coordinator
  • Support Staff

Why We Love it Here

  • Contribute to the conservation and preservation of the things that make Texas special
  • Work with a variety of professions and interests within and outside the agency
  • Specialize in an area of law
  • Explore diverse issues associated with a variety of topics such as natural resource damage assessments, water rights, wildlife, hunting and fishing, park management, invasive and endangered species, aquaculture, trail accessibility, historic restorations and large construction projects