Support Resources

Support Resources

Provide management, program, and compliance support to all divisions of the agency across the entire state.

  • Agency fleet and radio/radio tower services and reporting
  • Agency policy and procedure development
  • Safety, FEMA, ADA, sustainability (energy, water recycling) and risk management coordination and reporting
  • Facility building and grounds maintenance
  • Records management and archiving services

Career Opportunities

  • Managers
    Administrative managers, sustainability manager, facility manager, special projects coordinators
  • Internal Oversight and Compliance
    Archivist, management analysts, safety professionals, budget coordinator, ADA coordinator, FEMA coordinator, records manager
  • Specialists
    Radio technicians, motor vehicle technicians, building maintenance technicians, procurement specialists, administrative assistants

Why We Love it Here

  • Our work directly or indirectly saves lives.
  • Provide safety for employees, volunteers, contractors, and the general public.
  • Being able to collaborate with local and federal partners on policy and resource sharing.
  • Because our dynamic work encompasses all divisions at TPWD.
  • Ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy these beautiful natural places for years to come.