Veteran Hiring at TPWD

Veterans at TPWD

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department values the contributions of armed forces veterans and their families, so we are committed to hiring veterans and supporting their work through our inclusive hiring and retention practices. Veterans not only work in all twelve divisions of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, but they are also a key component of our diverse workforce. In accordance with state law, we require that TPWD give veterans, surviving spouses of veterans, and orphans of veterans preference in the selection process when candidates are similarly qualified. We highly encourage veterans to review the Veteran Applicant Guide to ensure that their military experience is included in their online TPWD application. Additional hiring guides and resources are also available below. For further questions, please contact the TPWD Veteran Liaison at

Why We Hire Veterans

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department seeks employees who have demonstrated their commitment to protecting public resources, and our armed services veterans have demonstrated their commitment while also developing the wide variety of skills that are needed here at TPWD. That is why TPWD wants veterans to apply for positions in all our divisions. In return for continuing service though our agency, TPWD offers generous veteran-friendly and family-friendly policies for our employees.

Benefits of working of TPWD include:

  • Flexibility;
  • Flex scheduling;
  • 401(k) retirement;
  • Health benefits;
  • Family-friendly policies;
  • Professional development opportunities.


Growing Opportunities for Veterans

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has started a three-year initiative with Americorps VISTA to develop robust, evidence-based programs for veteran employees. With guidance from a VISTA and using input from current veteran and service member employees, TPWD is developing a veteran employee mentoring program, a veteran affinity groups, and opportunities for veteran employees to benefit from partnerships with local veterans' groups.

Why We Love it Here

  • Teamwork, support, and flexibility on the job
  • Collaborative environment with dedicated employees
  • Training and educational benefits
  • Opportunities to visit state parks and natural areas for work and leisure

Veteran Applicant Guide

Selection decisions are based on your completed online TPWD/State of Texas application and not based on your resume, so to maximize your chances of being selected for an interview with TPWD, include relevant internship, volunteer, and non-paid experience in your online application. Make sure to complete the following steps.

1. Address each of the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities and Working Conditions (found under that name on each TPWD job opening) and in the Work Experience-Duties Summary section of the online TPWD/State of Texas Application for Employment.

Veteran Applicant Guide

2. Under the Additional Information section, create a comprehensive list of your military and civilian education and training, certificates and licenses, skills, honors/awards, professional memberships, etc. as part of Certificates and Licenses sections, Skills section; or Supplemental Information sections. The checklist below can serve as a guide for completing the Additional Information portion of your application.Veteran Applicant Guide

3. Review the Acceptable Substitution list in the Qualifications Guidelines section of the TPWD job posting to see if there are any substitutions. If a BA/BS from accredited college/university is required, there may or may not be an Acceptable Substitution listed.

Experience is Important

To gain experience, you may want to consider applying for seasonal positions, checking our jobs website for temporary or part-time positions, or volunteering with TPWD: