Veterans Resources and Hiring


Texas state law requires agencies to give veterans, surviving spouses of veterans, and orphans of veterans preference in the selection process when candidates are similarly qualified.

TPWD Human Resources specifically encourages managers to interview veterans for any job openings for which they meet minimum qualifications, and states that if skills needed in a job have been obtained through federal government service, they should be considered.


Texas Veterans App

Texas Veterans App

One of our fellow state agencies, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), has developed a mobile phone app to give Texas veterans quick access to crisis hotlines and resources for veterans:

Download the Texas Veterans App for iPhones

Download the Texas Veterans App for Android phones

How to Apply

Please note that in applying for TPWD positions, decisions are made based on your completed on-line TPWD/State of Texas application and *not* based on your resume. So, to maximize your chances of being selected for an interview with us:

  • We encourage you to address each of the "Knowledge, Skills and Abilities" and "Working Conditions" (found under that name on each TPWD job opening) in the "Work Experience - Duties Summary" section of the on-line TPWD/State of Texas Application for Employment.
    • For TPWD positions you are applying for, you may include relevant internship, volunteer + non-paid experience.
  • And completely list under "Additional Information" section:
    • Trainings; Certificates and Licenses; Skills; Military Service; Honors/Awards; Professional Memberships, etc. as part of:
      • "Certificates and Licenses" section and/or
      • "Skills," section and/or
      • "Supplemental Information" sections. Please note Supplemental Information is where you may select:
        • Military Service
        • Honors/Awards
        • Professional Memberships
        • Professional Associations
        • Technical
        • Publications
        • and several other choices.
    • Certificates and Licenses include but not limited to:
      • Hunting and/or Fishing License
      • PADI
      • EMT or Paramedic
      • NWCG Fire Fighter type II
      • Firearms Permit
      • Boat Operator's License
      • Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
      • Heavy Equipment Operator
      • Skilled Trades
      • Class "A" or "B" Commercial Driver's License; Military vehicle/equipment license/operator certificates, etc.
    • Skills - please list as relevant under both "Skills" and also "Work Experience" sections of the on-line application. Examples include but are not limited to:
      • Customer service
      • Cash handling/reconciliation
      • Field/military supervisor of teams of 12-24 (or whatever size)
      • GPS/GIS
      • Power/hand tools of all kinds
      • MS Word; MS Outlook; MS Excel; MS PowerPoint; MS Access and other applications
      • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
      • Farm/Ranch equipment of all kinds
      • 4WD
      • Experience with all types of Office Equipment/Machines
      • Ability to work as a member of a team
      • Other military or civilian specialized equipment
      • and so forth.
  • Look under "Acceptable Substitutions" in the Qualifications Guidelines section of TPWD job openings to see if there are any substitutions. If a BA/BS from accredited college/university is required, there may (or may not) be an "Acceptable Substitution" listed.

Experience is important. To gain experience, you may want to consider volunteering with TPWD; applying for Seasonal Positions and/or check our jobs website for temporary/part-time positions: