Provide leadership in wildlife conservation through scientific investigations and management.

  • Serve landowners through wildlife and habitat technical assistance and cost sharing.
  • Perform habitat management and research on wildlife management areas and private lands.
  • Protect, recover and prevent species from becoming threatened and endangered.
  • Facilitate public hunting opportunities on private and public lands.
  • Review and guide land development projects to protect natural resources.

Career Opportunities

  • Biologists
    Wildlife, technical guidance, urban and wildlife diversity biologists; ornithologists; entomologists; botanists; mammalogists; herpetologists
  • Specialists
    Geographic information specialists, database and research specialists, education and outreach specialists, data analysts
  • Coordinators
    Wildland fire coordinators, grants coordinators, volunteer coordinators
  • Wildlife Technicians
    Natural resources specialist

Why We Love it Here

  • Experience the beautiful landscapes of Texas and the wildlife that inhabit them
  • Serve as leading experts in wildlife management, research and conservation
  • Influence natural resource protection and land stewardship via technical guidance, field tours, seminars and habitat management demonstrations
  • Facilitate hunting and wildlife watching