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White-tailed Deer Management

Aptly named for the characteristic large white underside of its tail when raised, the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) is one of the most iconic big game species in North America and certainly in Texas. Whether you’re a hunter or just like to watch deer this charismatic animal is part and parcel to the culture of Texas. An estimated 5.3 million white-tailed deer inhabit 252 of the 254 counties in Texas and can be seen everywhere from green spaces in urban communities to the most remote rangelands.

As one of the most popular game animals, white-tailed deer are important to the state’s economy with deer hunting generating an estimated $1.2 billion in economic output and $15.7 billion nationwide. The recreational, economic, aesthetic, and cultural value of white-tailed deer continues to peak interests in management and research. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is responsible for the regulation, conservation, and management of deer populations throughout the state. If you are interested in more information regarding deer hunting, regulations, and management of white-tailed deer then check out the information on this webpage.

Mandatory Antlerless Harvest
Reporting Counties

White-tailed Deer mandatory reporting map showing the counties
Click for large Mandatory
Harvest Reporting
Counties map
  • Austin County
  • Bastrop County
  • Caldwell County
  • Colorado County
  • Comal County (E of I-35)
  • DeWitt County
  • Fayette County
  • Goliad County (N of US 59)
  • Gonzales County
  • Guadalupe County
  • Hays County (E of I-35)
  • Jackson County (N of US 59)
  • Karnes County
  • Lavaca County
  • Lee County
  • Travis County (E of I-35)
  • Victoria County (N of US 59)
  • Waller County
  • Washington County
  • Wharton County (N of US 59)
  • Wilson County