Frequently Asked Questions


Do I (the landowner, landowner's agent, or lessee) have the right to apprehend a poacher or trespasser?

Texas law is not clear as to whether a landowner, hunter, etc., may arrest a person that is trespassing on private property. For this reason, and because of the inherent danger of affecting an arrest, it is strongly suggested that a law enforcement officer carry out any arrest. Landowners, hunters, etc., should make mental notes or write down identifying characteristics of the individual(s) or vehicle(s) and their location or direction of travel. Other evidence, such as a photograph, is extremely beneficial in prosecuting poachers. Sometimes, the landowner or hunter calls using a cell phone and is never observed by the violator. The immediate use of a cell phone from the location gives game wardens the edge that is needed in apprehending poachers. To report violations, please call the Operation Game Thief Hotline at (1-800-792-GAME) or your local sheriff's department.