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Wildlife Management on Private Lands

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With few exceptions, Wildlife Division field staff are assigned to one of the following two categories:

  1. The Wildlife District is made up of district biologists and technicians, and technical guidance biologists. Technical Guidance/Private Lands biologists can assist you in planning your wildlife program (written wildlife management plans, harvest recommendations, etc.).  The primary goal of the Technical Guidance Program is to work with individual landowners on a one-on-one basis, developing sound wildlife management programs. The primary responsibility of district biologists and technicians is to inventory and manage wildlife populations at the county and Wildlife District level. In addition to conducting annual countywide population surveys for wildlife of various species, District personnel provide wildlife management assistance to individual landowners, assist with field activities on wildlife management areas, and respond to a wide array of wildlife related issues and information requests in their assigned counties.
  2. Wildlife Management Areas are our primary sources of information concerning wildlife management.  These areas serve as research and demonstration sites, where the public can experience firsthand the benefits of sound land stewardship practices such as hunting, grazing, prescribed burning, and brush control.

Guides, Programs and Publications about the Conservation of Private Lands and Habitat
Private Lands and Habitat Program
Program description
Landowner Request For Assistance media download(PDF 261.6 KB)
This form must be completed for TPWD personnel to visit your ranch.
Agriculture Property Tax Conversion for Wildlife Management
Downloadable wildlife management guidelines based on ecological regions
Lease of Private Lands for Management Deer Hunts
Program description
Short-term Hunting Leases for Dove and Other Small Game
Program description
Landowner Incentive Program
Program Overview
Farm Bill Provisions for Wildlife Management
Farm bill provisions and contact information for the Farm Bill coordinator