Water Resources on Private Lands

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is responsible for promoting conservation of aquatic ecosystems for future Texans. It is our responsibility to ensure that adequate water reaches Texas rivers and enough freshwater reaches bays and estuaries.

TPWD works with private landowners to conserve aquatic resources through three major programs: kills and spills response; sand, shell, and gravel permits; and wetlands conservation outreach.

Kills and Spills Response

The Kills and Spills Team responds to and investigates any environmental contamination on public lands that may cause loss of fish or wildlife, such as fish kills. Private landowners are often the first to notice loss of fish or wildlife due to environmental contamination, so please use the Kills and Spills Team contact information if you see dead or dying fish on navigable waters or wildlife or pollution threatening fish and wildlife resources on public lands.

Marl, Sand, Gravel, Shell or Mudshell Permits Program

Riverside landowners have frequently asked questions about moving or removing gravel from streambeds, which may require a permit. The permit program is administered by the Inland Fisheries Division. For information on this program and links to application forms, see our Frequently Asked Questions on Marl, Sand, Gravel, Shell or Mudshell Permits.

Wetlands Conservation

Wetlands conservation staff work with private landowners, developers, and other state and federal agencies to conserve wetland areas. Staff can provide guidance on wetland restoration, applicable regulations, and other conservation issues and initiatives. Here are some online resources to get you started:

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