Frequently Asked Questions

Nongame Wildlife

How can I attract hummingbirds?

Hummingbirds are visual creatures, so by providing a garden full of brightly colored flowers, a water source, and a few perching trees, you are certain to have hummingbirds. Remember that hummingbirds have very tiny, weak feet, so make sure the water is very shallow or has a dripper or mister attachment. Typical hummingbird flowers are bright orange or red, have very long nectar tubes (trumpet-shaped), have very small or non-existent petals, have very little or no scent, and hang down. However, hummingbirds are opportunistic and will feed on any flower that has ample nectar. Your flowers should also be of the native variety, since uncultivated natives seem to produce more nectar than cultivated varieties. You can also bring those hummingbirds out where you can see them by providing hummingbird feeders.