Potential Income for Texas Landowners

  • Achieve your management goals
  • Supplement your income
  • Support the Hunting Heritage of Texas

What is a Short-term Hunting Land Lease?

It is a contract between Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and a private landowner. The landowner agrees to give APH and LPU Permit holders access to their land to enjoy recreational activities including hunting and fishing. TPWD pays the landowner for this access, sets up an information station and posts signs.

Who can hunt on Short-term Hunting Lease Lands?

Only those hunters who purchase the APH Permit (approximately 38,000 are sold annually statewide) are allowed to hunt. TPWD biologists or game wardens periodically monitor the hunting area and are available to hunters and landowners.

What are my liability risks?

The Texas legislature has enacted statutes that offer liability protection to landowners that lease recreational (including hunting) rights.

How much does TPWD pay for these leases?

Payment varies widely depending upon things such as location, size, habitat quality, game species and hunt dates provided. Currently, lease prices range from $2 to $10 per acre. Areas with high quality managed habitat and those within close proximity to population centers receive the best price.

What is the length of the hunt period and leases?

The length of the lease is negotiable and depends on the species being hunted. Partial seasons, multi-seasons and special late seasons are all options. The deadline for lease agreements is early June.

What species may be hunted?

TPWD is interested in dove, waterfowl (ducks and geese), pheasant, quail, feral hog, squirrel, and rabbits.

Would TPWD be interested in my property?

TPWD does not sign up all property offered for lease. When evaluating potential lease sites, preferred properties are generally 100+ acres in size, provide sufficient food, water and cover for wildlife, and are easy to access. Ideal lease sites have a food source (such as a sunflowers, croton, grain crops or recently fallowed fields) surrounded by rangeland. Planting, post-harvest cultivation and habitat management also affect lease price.

How can I contact TPWD about the Short-term Hunting Lease Program?

Contact TPWD by: