Texas Gulf Ecological Management Sites

(Texas GEMS)

The Gulf Ecological Management Site (GEMS) Program is an initiative of the Gulf of Mexico Foundation, the EPA Gulf of Mexico Program and the five Gulf of Mexico states (Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida). The program goal is to provide a regional framework for focusing attention on geographic areas that have special ecological significance to fish, wildlife and other natural resources, or a geographic area that represents unique habitats. The GEMS program furthers conservation through inter-agency coordination, public/private partnerships, and targeting of research, monitoring and action projects.

Since the inception of the GEMS Program in 1996, each Gulf state has granted GEMS status to marine areas with special ecological significance. Those designated areas are considered high priority for protection, restoration and conservation by both state and federal governments. Twenty-four sites were identified in Texas.

Map of Texas coastal region showing Guld Of Mexico Ecological Management sites