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White Bass Fishing in Central Texas

Written by Michael Tennant, Steve Magnelia, Craig Bonds, and John Tibbs
Inland Fisheries Management
San Marcos, Texas

The white bass, commonly referred to as “sand bass,” is an abundant and popular sportfish in Texas reservoirs. This is due to its willingness to bite artificial lures, schooling behavior, and outstanding quality as table fare. White bass provide anglers with exciting action throughout the year, but most notably during their annual spring spawning migration up river and stream tributaries. From January through April, large schools of white bass concentrate in the far upper ends or riverine sections of reservoirs making them more susceptible to anglers. The complete white bass angler understands the biology, migrational behavior, preferred habitat, appropriate fishing techniques and local “hot spots” for this popular species.


Life History and Biology

Fisheries Management and Fishing Regulations

Seasonal Fishing Patterns

Places To Go

The authors wish to thank TPWD Inland Fisheries employees Floyd Teat and Mark Webb for contributing to this report.

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