After Harvesting a Deer or Pronghorn

Valid Sep. 1, 2023 through Aug. 31, 2024.

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Tags or Permits

After a deer or pronghorn is harvested and before the deer is field dressed or moved, the appropriate hunting license tag or permit (Managed Lands Deer Program, etc.) must be immediately filled out and dates cut out.

View how to properly tag a deer.

Additionally, if a hunting license tag is used, then the Hunting License Harvest Log (White-tailed deer only) must be legibly completed.

A hunter may transport a deer or pronghorn to a final destination, provided it is tagged and proof of sex accompanies the deer or pronghorn.

Processing of Game Animals

Deer and Pronghorn

  • A deer and pronghorn may be skinned and quartered (two forequarters, two hindquarters, and two backstraps) for transport, provided the quartered deer or pronghorn is tagged and proof of sex accompanies the deer or pronghorn. See Cold Storage or Processing Facility for exceptions.
  • Deer or pronghorn may only be processed beyond quarters at a location that qualifies as a final destination.