Transfer & Importation of Wildlife

Valid Sep. 1, 2017 through Aug. 31, 2018.

Transfer of Wildlife

A person may give, leave, receive, or possess any species of legally taken wildlife resource, or part of the resource, that is required to have a tag or permit attached or that is protected by a bag or possession limit if the wildlife resource is accompanied by a Wildlife Resource Document (WRD) from the person who killed or caught the wildlife resource.

A person may use the online WRD form or a hand written WRD document that includes the same required information.

Transfer of Deer or Antelope

For deer or antelope, a properly executed WRD shall accompany the wildlife resource or part of the resource until it reaches its final destination and is quartered. For turkey, the WRD must remain attached until the turkey reaches its final destination and is finally processed (see definitions).

NO WRD is required to possess a wildlife resource that is required to be tagged if the wildlife resource is tagged.

NOTE: No wildlife resource document is required when the entire carcass of a deer (including head, which may be skinned or unskinned) or antelope (including head, which must be unskinned) is given to, or transported by, another person if the tag from the hunter's license and other required permits or the pronghorn permit remains attached until the carcass reaches its final destination and is quartered.

Transfer of Other Wildlife, Except Aquatic

For all other wildlife resources except aquatic resources (for aquatic resources, see Possession Limit), a properly executed WRD shall accompany the wildlife resource until it reaches the possessor's permanent residence or a cold storage/processing facility, except:

NO WRD is required if a person receiving the wildlife resource does not exceed the possession limit (exception: see Migratory Game Birds - Documentation).

Importation of Wildlife

It is unlawful to import a wildlife resource into this state or possess a wildlife resource taken outside this state unless the person possessing the wildlife resource possesses a valid hunting, fishing, or other applicable license, endorsement, tag, permit, or document for the state or country in which the wildlife resource was legally taken. Such documentation must be produced upon request of a game warden.

It is unlawful to land by boat or person any fish taken from public water within a protected length limit, or in excess of the daily bag limit or possession limit established for those fish in Texas, regardless of the state or country in which they were caught.

A person possessing a wildlife resource for importation must produce, upon request of a game warden, a valid driver's license or personal identification certificate.

A person may possess an animal or bird killed outside of Texas that is listed in Texas as threatened or endangered, provided that the person possesses proof that the animal or bird possessed was lawfully killed. Proof consists of bill-of-sale, license tag, or notarized affidavit.

Imports from Mexico

The requirements listed above are waived if an official United States Customs Officer's Statement is obtained from the United States Customs Office at the port of entry showing that the wildlife resource was brought in from Mexico. The Customs Officer's statement must accompany the wildlife resource to a final destination.