Transfer & Importation of Wildlife

Valid Sep. 1, 2019 through Aug. 31, 2020.

Transfer Of Wildlife And Aquatic Resources

A person may give or receive any legally taken wildlife or aquatic resource, or part of the resource, that is required to be tagged or that is protected by a daily bag / possession limit if the resource is accompanied by a Wildlife Resource Document (WRD). A person may use the online WRD form or a handwritten document that includes the same required information.

  • For deer or pronghorn, a properly executed permit, tag or WRD must accompany the resource (or any part) until it reaches its final destination and is quartered.
  • For turkey, the WRD must remain attached until the turkey reaches its final destination and is finally processed.

For all other wildlife resources, a properly executed WRD must accompany the resource until it reaches the possessor’s permanent residence or a cold storage/processing facility, EXCEPT, no WRD is required if a person receiving the wildlife resource does not exceed the possession limit (or bag limit if in the field) and is lawfully licensed or possesses the applicable license. Migratory Game Birds have different documentation requirements.

Importation Of Wildlife And Aquatic Resources

  • It is unlawful to import a wildlife or aquatic resource into this state or possess a resource taken outside this state unless:
    • the person possesses a valid hunting, fishing, or other applicable license, endorsement, tag, permit, or document for the state or country in which the resource was legally taken; and
    • a person produces, upon request of a game warden, a valid driver license or personal identification certificate.
  • A person may possess an animal legally obtained outside of Texas that is listed as threatened or endangered in Texas if they have proof that the animal was lawfully obtained. Proof consists of bill-of-sale, license tag, permit or notarized affidavit.
  • Chronic Wasting Disease: See information related to importation of carcasses from CWD-positive states.
  • Imports From Mexico: The requirements listed above are waived if a United States Customs Officer’s Statement is obtained from the United States Customs Office at the port of entry showing that the wildlife resource was brought in from Mexico. The Customs Officer’s statement must accompany the wildlife resource to its final destination.

Required to import alligators into Texas (including alligator eggs or alligator parts). Available at all license sale locations.

Alligator Import Permit
Permit Eligibility Item Fee Availability
Alligator Import Permit Texas resident and non-resident 148 $105 Find a retailer