Albert & Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area

Albert & Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area

  • A view of the hills at ABK SNA
    Overlooking the hills at Albert & Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area. This park is not yet open.
  • Maple Trees at ABK SNA
    A view of maple trees at Albert & Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area. This park is not yet open..
This state natural area is not open, but is in the planning and design phase of development.

Hill Country Preserve

The Albert & Bessie Kronkosky State Natural Area will protect a very special piece of the Hill Country. You’ll be able to see wildlife in natural settings, hear coyotes in the distance, view stars to the northwest, and go camping and hiking.

Family ranch

Albert and Bessie Kronkosky began buying property in this area in 1946. By 1973, they were hunting, taking photos, and entertaining guests on their 3,814-acre ranch. The couple willed their beloved land to the state of Texas to protect it from development.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department accepted the donation of the ranch in March 2011.

Unique features

A state natural area is a piece of land with unique natural, cultural and historical features. Protecting and managing these features is our highest priority.


We have found several rare or endangered Hill Country species here. These include the golden-cheeked warbler, alligator lizard, sycamore-leaf snowbell, big-toothed maple,  Boerne bean and Texas spring salamander.

The site also features interesting geology due to several springs and weeps.


When this site opens, you’ll be able to camp, backpack and hike. We’ll also offer limited mountain biking.

Creating a park

Opening a park requires multiple steps and takes several years. Many factors impact the length of this process, including funding. 

Baseline surveys are the first step. These surveys determine sensitive areas as well as areas to be developed. The surveys also identify the scenic and interesting places at the site.

With that information in hand, TPWD creates a Public Use Plan to guide the park’s development. We have already held public hearings to gather input on the draft of this plan.

Once we finalize the plan, the design phase begins. Park planners design the look of the buildings, placement of parking, and other types of park infrastructure.

Finally, construction can begin.

While the department has to do some initial planning regarding potential development of ABKSNA, at this time, there is no firm timeline for opening.

Check back here for updates on the development of this state natural area.


We need your help. Volunteers help with plant and animal surveys as well as maintenance, outreach, and more. Visit our Volunteer page to sign up.

7690 Highway 46 West
Pipe Creek, TX 78063

Latitude: 29.74032304

Longitude: -98.83809256

(830) 535-4896

Entrance Fees
  • Site Not Open: Contact the Park