Blanco State Park

Accessibility Information

Screen shelters #43 and 47 are ADA accessible. An ADA parking space is nearby, and the building is accessible by a wheelchair. The outdoor picnic table is wheelchair-friendly. The interior of the shelter has one regular picnic table and a concrete floor.

An ADA screen shelter at Blanco State Park showing a fire ring, waist-high grill, wheelchair-friendly picnic table and shelter entrance.  The ADA parking space and sidewalk leading to the screen shelter picnic table area and entrance.

A wheelchair accessible restroom with ADA parking is in the campground loop next to the main restroom. Check with park headquarters or the park host for the restroom door code. Campground restrooms are for overnight visitors only.

The ADA bathroom and parking space

The Pavilion has two ADA parking spaces and a sidewalk leading to the building.

The Pumphouse Trail is made of caliche and is smooth and level. The bird blind located along the trail has a caliche ramp to the entrance and benches inside. The deck located at the end of the trail overlooks the river and is level with the trail.

The Pumphouse Trail trailhead and sign  The bird blind located along the Pumphouse Trail

The park also has an ADA accessible kayak launch. A wide sidewalk leads from the parking lot to the river where there is a launch area large enough for a wheelchair, and two rails.

The ADA kayak launch with rails  A wide sidewalk leads from the ADA parking space to the ADA kayak launch on the river

Virtually visit the park by exploring our 360° photos. For more information about trails and the park’s points of interest, visit the trails information page.

Conditions can change quickly. Contact the park for more information and to ask about the status of particular accessible features. 

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