Brazos Bend State Park

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Brazos Bend State Park teems with wildlife due to its ecosystems and location.

Wetlands, forests and more . . .

Wildflowers blooming with a pier jutting out into water behindBrazos Bend State Park includes 5,000 acres of bottomland and upland coastal prairie just south­west of the rapidly expanding Houston metro area.

Tallgrass prairie covers much of the western border of the park. These prairies are home to native grasses that range in height from 2 to 6 feet tall. The park prairie offers a glimpse of a once widespread, but now vanishing ecosystem.

Woodlands include live-oak gallery forests and mixed bottomland hardwood forest. In places, a mature forest canopy reaches for the sky. The trees provide refueling stops for migratory birds and sanctuary for native wildlife species.

The park has several types of wetlands: swamps, lakes, marshes and short-lived ponds that form on the prairies during the rainy season.

Alligators, birds and more . . .

Due to its various ecosystems, the park is famous for its species diversity. Thousands of species, ranging from grasses and wild­flowers to trees and aquatic plant life, grow in the park. Animal life is just as diverse.

The white-tailed deer is the largest of more than 25 different species of mammals. Other mammals here include feral pigs, raccoons, squirrels, river otters, bobcats, foxes and more. 

Red-eared slider sitting on a log
Red-eared slider

About 21 species of reptiles and am­phi­bians, in­clud­ing the American alligator, live in the park. Mild days in the spring and fall or any mild winter day are the best time to view reptiles or am­phi­bians.

Always use caution around alligators: Stay at least 30 feet away from alligators, never feed or annoy them, and keep yourself and your pet out of the water. Read through our alligator safety tips before your visit.


Ducks wading in the marshThe park is a bird watchers’ paradise. With well over 300 docu­mented species of birds, any time is a good time to see birds.

Many wading birds, raptors and songbirds live here year-round. Migra­tory songbirds, waterfowl and other birds use the park for their winter home, spring and summer nesting range, or just as a rest stop on their long migratory route.

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