Brazos Bend State Park

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Brazos Bend State Park offers a variety of guided and self-guided programs for schools, groups, and individuals.


Group of kids talking with park ranger and looking at artifactsSpring and fall are good times for groups to visit the park.

The park is an excellent outdoor class­room. Clearly marked trails and large picnic areas can easily hold large school groups. We offer guided hikes and programs based on class size. Visit our Field Trips page to learn more. 

We have many self-guided tools for groups to use. Please contact us in advance if you plan to bring a group, even if you are not requesting a park-led program or hike.

Regular programs

Staff and volunteers also offer free programs and hikes every weekend all year long. Take a guided nature walk, attend a program or listen to story time. View wildlife through high-powered scopes from the observation deck or tower. Participate in a pond life demonstration or discovery station.

Visit our Events page to see schedule of park programs.


Photo of George Observatory in daytimeNature Center: Learn about the park’s ecosystems and inhabitants. Con­tact the park to arrange a group visit. (Hours vary due to staffing.)

George Observatory: Explore the cosmos through high-powered tele­scopes at the George Observatory - Houston Museum of Natural Science located in the park. The observatory is open on Saturday nights, year-round and weather permitting. For information on programs or passes, visit the observatory website or call (979) 553-3400 or at (281) 242-3055.

Wildlife Observation: Visit the observation deck on Elm Lake and the tower at 40 Acre Lake. Both offer excellent viewpoints for spotting birds, alli­gators and other wildlife.