Choke Canyon State Park

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Accessibility Information

The wheelchair accessible basketball court in the Sports Complex area.  At the Calliham Unit, the dock at the 75-acre lake and the park's fishing jetty are wheelchair accessible.

The group pavilions are all wheelchair accessible, via a cement trail from the parking area.

Most of the Gymnasium and Sports Complex Area, including both Group Halls with Kitchens, are considered wheelchair accessible, with cement trails from the parking area. 

The following sites are wheelchair accessible with cement pathways from the parking area to the site, raised fire rings, shortened lantern posts, and picnic tables designed for wheelchair access. All restrooms in the camping areas are also wheelchair accessible.

The South Shore Unit courtesy dock at the boat ramp and five of the picnic sites are also wheelchair accessible.

Conditions can change quickly. Contact the park for more information and to ask about the status of particular accessible features. 

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