Recent flooding has impacted state parks across Texas. Status of Parks - Videos, Photos, News

Eisenhower State Park

Aug. 25, 2015 - Some areas of the park, and FM 1310, are closed due to high water. . . .


Grassy uplands, including rare remnants of the tallgrass prairie, terminate in rocky shoreline bluffs and woodlands. A large variety of colorful wildflowers bloom throughout the growing season, March through November. Several wildflowers are identified by signs along the roadside in selected areas. A nature guide is available that identifies some of the trees along the trail. A wide variety of trees are present, including oak, ash, elm, cedar, dogwood, cottonwood, soapberry, locust, redbud, persimmon and bois d'arc. Mammals commonly spotted in the park include armadillos, bats, beavers, coyotes, deer, foxes, minks, nutria, opossums, rabbits, raccoons, skunks and squirrels. Wintering bald eagles, pelicans, loons and other waterfowl may be observed in the area. Lake fishing offers a variety of bass, sunfish and catfish; lake fossils are on display at the park headquarters.

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