Recent flooding has impacted state parks across Texas. Status of Parks - Videos, Photos, News

Fort Boggy State Park


The terrain is wooded, rolling hills, bottomland meadows, and wetlands. The abundant wildlife present in the park includes white-tailed deer, raccoons, squirrels, foxes and beavers. A large portion of the park is subject to flooding during wet periods, providing excellent habitat for waterfowl and other varieties of aquatic wildlife.

Ample rainfall  favors a wide diversity of vegetation, including woodlands comprised of post oak, hickory, elm, sweetgum and pecan, with undergrowth of American beautyberry, dogwood, sassafras, yaupon, hawthorn, greenbriar and Alabama supplejack. Savannah grasslands occur throughout the park and are made up of little bluestem, Indiangrass, purpletop, switchgrass and stands of the highly endangered Centerville Brazos mint plant.

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