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Field Trips

Group of boys listening to a ranger while outdoors in the parkLooking to get your students outside? Garner State Park is the perfect outdoor classroom, with TEKS-aligned, exploratory learning experiences through nature! We offer ranger-led standard programs and self-guided field trips.

Planning Your Field Trip


Garner State park offers ranger-led field trips Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from February through May and mid-September through December.

We do not offer ranger-led field trips during spring break or during our peak season, Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Self-guided field trips are available year-round.


Making a reservation

  1. Choose from one of our five standard programs.
  2. Select three preferred dates and times to schedule your field trip.
  3. Call (830) 232-6132 with the information above, at least one month in advance, to secure your trip. For information on special request programs, email our park interpreter.
  4. If your group needs to cancel its trip, please notify our park interpreter one week before the field trip date.

We will send an email confirmation once your trip is booked!


Garner State Park will waive entrance fees for all teachers, students and chaperones participating in a ranger-led or self-guided field trip.


We require at least one adult for every 15 students. All chaperones must remain with students during the entire program.

Note: Parents not serving as chaperones may have to pay full park entry fees.


Field trips are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. Our park interpreter will contact the teacher to notify of a cancellation two days before the scheduled trip.

Field Trip Activities

Ranger-led programs

Crystal Cave Guided Hike

Join a ranger for a 1.5-mile round-trip hike up to Crystal Cave and down the Bridges Trail. This guided hike allows students to learn about native plants and animals, geologic history of the Texas Hill Country, and the history of Garner State Park.

  • Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, collegiate
  • Subject Areas:
    •  Science
      • Topic: Organisms and environments, Science concepts
      • TEKS: 3.9(A), 3.10(A), 4.10(A), 5.9(A), 5.10(A), 7.8(B), 7.10(A)
    • Social Studies
      • Topics: Geography, Government, History
      • TEKS: 3.7(C), 4.5(A), 4.8(A), 5.5(A), 6.2(B), US.2(B), US.18(A), US.18(B)
    • Physical Education
      • Topic: Physical activity and health
      • TEKS: 3.3(E), 4.7(A), 8.3(C)

Nature Journaling 101

Keeping a nature journal is an opportunity for personal growth and study of the ever-changing natural world. Students will learn the importance of nature journaling and different journaling techniques.

  • Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8
  • Subject Areas:
    • English Language Arts and Reading
      • Topic: Composition, Inquiry and research
      • TEKS: 3-5.11(B)(ii), 3-5.13(B), 6-8.12(A)
    • Art
      • Topic: Creative expression
      • TEKS: 3-5.2(A), MS1-3.2(A)

Junior Ranger Campsite Detectives

Protecting earth’s natural areas is up to us and future generations. Students will learn the 7 Leave No Trace Principles then put their newfound skills to the test!

  • Grade Levels: K-2, 3-5
  • Subject Area: Science
    • Topic: Scientific investigation and reasoning
    • TEKS: K.3(A), 1.3(A), 2.3(A)

Aquatic Investigations

The Frio River has drawn people to the Frio Canyon for thousands of years, but have you ever wondered what lives in the river? This introduction to aquatic macro-invertebrates lets your students determine the health of the Frio River by collecting, observing, and researching aquatic insects.

  • Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
  • Subject Areas:
    • Science
      • Topic: Scientific investigation and reasoning, Earth and space, Organisms and environments
      • TEKS: 3-4.2(B), 5.2(C), 5.5(B), 6-8.2(C), 6.12(D), 7.8(C), 8.11(A)
    • Aquatic Science
      • Topic: Scientific processes
      • TEKS: AS.2(F), AS.5(B), AS.10(C)

Animal Adaptations

Garner State Park is home to an array of native, invasive, and endangered wildlife species. Students can touch and observe animal furs, skulls and other related materials during this show and tell style program.

  • Grade Levels: K-2, 3-5
  • Subject Area: Science
    • Topic: Organisms and environments
    • TEKS: K.9(B), 1.10(A), 2.10(A), 3.9(A), 3.9 (B), 3.10 (A)

Self-guided programs

Already have a lesson plan to use at the park? Email our interpreter to schedule a self-guided field trip at Garner!

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