May 21, 2015 - Only kayaks and canoes may be launched from the boat ramp . . .

Feb. 22, 2016: Starting March 14, 2016, there will be local detours posted on the main route to get to the park (exit 210; FM 2836) . . .  


The park is located in the Mesquite Plains, a subdivision of the western Rolling Plains. Originally an open grassland with a scattered, often localized, woody plant population, the area is now often dominated by mesquite. Mesquite trees are quite hardy, and like many other drought-tolerant plants, have thorns that protect them from browsers like deer and cattle. Mesquite trees are fast-growing and often create shade where other trees will not grow. As a legume (bean), they fix nitrogen in the soil which can improve soil quality.

Some of the wildlife that can be observed and photographed includes white-tailed deer, mallard ducks, raccoons, armadillos and squirrels. Popular fish are crappie, perch, catfish, bass and red drum.

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