Lake Colorado City State Park

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The park is in the Mesquite Plains, a subdivision of the western Rolling Plains.

This area was originally an open grassland with scattered woody plants. Now mesquite dominates these plains.

Mesquite trees

Fishing pier jutting out into the lake.Mesquite trees are quite hardy, and like many other drought-tolerant plants, have thorns that protect them from browsers like deer and cattle. Mesquite trees are fast-growing and often create shade where other trees will not grow. As a legume (bean), they fix nitrogen in the soil which can improve soil quality.


TPWD staff have been working to return the land to its original makeup. As part of those efforts, firefighters conduct controlled burns periodically. In burned areas, wildflowers flourish in the spring and summer.

Plentiful wildlife

Group of mallard ducks floating on lakeLook for white-tailed deer, mallard ducks, raccoons, armadillos and ground squirrels. About 300 species of birds either pass through or nest in the park.

Popular fish are perch, catfish and bass.