2021 Fall Foliage Color Report Archive

This report will be updated almost every week through November. You can also call the park directly for a recorded report at (830)-966-3413, option 3.

Weekends are selling out fast, so we encourage you to book a day pass online before your visit. 

Nov. 24, 2021

Fall has fallen with the cool winds of the past week. Very few maple leaves have managed to hang on but despite the lack of foliage, the park is always spectacular this time of year.

Please note that all day passes are sold out until Monday, Nov 29, 2021.

Maple tree with colorful foliage View of day-use area with colorful trees. view over the hills 

Nov. 17, 2021

The warm days continue in November, slowly drying the leaves, leaving them brown/yellow until the winds take them.

Although the spectacular colors of reds and orange are spotty this fall, it’s a great time to camp and hike. Remember to make your reservation before heading out for the day or overnight.

Sun shining through leaves with water in the background Close-up of yellow and green leaves Hillside with a few colorful trees View of Lost Maples sign and fence with vari-colored trees behind  

Nov. 10, 2021

Fall has been slow going but is finally here. Glimpses of color are popping out and the weather has been picture perfect for hiking and exploring the trails.

If you plan on visiting Lost Maples, be sure to reserve a day pass before you come as we are selling out daily. 

Maple tree with rust-colored leaves Large maple tree with rust-colored leaves near campground Wide view of multiple trees with fall color in open area

Nov. 3, 2021

Right on cue, the leaves are responding to the recent and current cold fronts. Yellows are turning orange on the maples and reds are starting to emerge on the oaks. The next seven to 10 days should be the best viewing of the season. 

Weekend day-use and camping is currently sold out until Thanksgiving. You can still grab a reservation on the weekdays. Visit our reservation website.

Hillside with a few trees showing fall color High view down the waterway with mostly green trees on the creeksides.

Oct. 27, 2021

Fall is slowing starting to show herself with the reds of the sumac and yellows in the maples and sycamores. We had 1 inch of rain last night which also brought cooler temperatures. This should get the leaves turning by next week's report. Although we don't have an abundance of color right now, the park is gorgeous this time of year with the fresh smell of rain and the ambiance of fall.

vine turning red Close-up of maple tree with leaves just beginning to show color View up a creek  Water in foreground with a tree-covered cliff behind

Oct. 20, 2021

It’s fall y’all!  We are seeing lots of yellow on the trees as we get closer to the end of October.  Generally the trees start dazzling in color as we near Halloween and peak out the first two weeks of November.  The mild temperatures have made for excellent hiking and camper weather.

If you’re planning a day visit, be sure to book a day pass online before your visit. The park will be experiencing sold-out, record visitation for the next six to seven weeks.  

close-up of leaves with mottled fall coloring Trees at the edge of a clearing several large trees with green leaves and cliff behind  Lost Maples sign and front wood fence

Oct. 13, 2021

Fall is beginning to show her color with hints of yellow on the maples, elms and sycamore trees.

The weather has been relatively warm this fall, with rain showers forecast for this week. By the weekend, we will see cooler temperatures and abundant sunshine - just what the trees need to keep their colorful transformation process advancing. Although there is a lot of green still showing in the park, fall colors are coming.

If you’re planning a day visit, be sure to book a day pass online before your visit. The park will be experiencing sold-out, record visitation for the next six to seven weeks.  

Entrance sign with trees in background  Trees along creek with hints of color Trees and hillside


Visiting the park in Fall Foliage season

Busy season

Expect delays, traffic congestion, and capacity closures on fall weekends and the week of Thanksgiving. When parking lots are full, the Natural Area will close. 

To guarantee you get in during our peak season, reserve passes online, or by calling the customer service center, before you visit. Please check the park Facebook page for immediate updates on closures, or contact the Natural Area.

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You can drive about one mile into the park to view foliage from your vehicle.

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