Lost Maples State Natural Area Map


The park is located five miles north of Vanderpool on Ranch Road 187.

The Park HQ is located at:
(degrees, minutes, seconds) N:  29° 48' 27.72"
Longitude (degrees, minutes, seconds) W:  99° 34' 14.26"

Other Maps

37221 F.M. 187
Vanderpool, TX 78885

Latitude: 29.807719

Longitude: -99.570697

(830) 966-3413

Make reservations online

Reserve by phone: (512) 389-8900

Entrance Fees
  • Adult : $6 Daily
  • Child 12 Years and Under: Free

Open daily.

Busy Season

October to November and March to May.

Closures due to maximum capacity

When parking lots are full, we close for up to three hours. This can happen in November on weekends and holiday weeks, as early as 11 a.m. Customers with camping reservations can enter during these closures.