Lost Maples State Natural Area

2022 Fall Foliage Color Report

This report will be updated almost every week through November. You can also call the park directly for a recorded report at (830)-966-3413, option 3.

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Dec. 5, 2022

Park entrance with two maple trees, one with colorful leaves and the other mostly bare.

Last update of the season: Peak fall foliage has come and gone and the leaves are starting to drop at a fast pace.

Hillside with river in the foreground. A few trees still have colorful leaves.  River with fallen leaves piled up in the water.

Nov. 25, 2022

Colorful trees in a cleared areaIt's been a cool week here at the park and more vibrant colors are appearing. Some of the trees that started turning earlier are losing their leaves but others that just started turning are holding onto their leaves. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hillside with some leaf color  Colorful tree in an area with green trees behind  Gate area with colorful maple behind fence 

Nov. 18, 2022

The cold front last week is really helping change these maples and we have another front coming in this weekend! Highs in the low '40s and good chances of rain should help turn even the most stubborn maple into a dazzling display.

Maple trees with color in an open area  Entrance of the park with green trees.  Trees along the river showing color.


Nov. 10, 2022

A little more color is appearing this week on some trees while others remain stubborn and green. We hope to see some changes after another cold front late today or tomorrow!

Maple trees with color in an open area  Front entrance of park with green trees in the background  Hillside with a little bit of fall color showing  

Nov. 4, 2022

We're starting to see little pops of color here and there. Most trees are still green but some parts are turning and some trees on the East Trail are turning, as well.

Maple tree turning red with some green leaves still  Hillside with a few trees turning  Open area with some trees turning gold  River with hillside where some fall color is appearing

Oct. 28, 2022

Another cold front has brought more needed rain today and what’s better is we are starting to see hints of colors in some of the trees. Most of the maples are still all green but they are finally thinking about that color change now.

Maple tree with a few colorful leaves  Tree with green leaves  Lost Maples park sign and fence with green trees behind.  Hillside with slight yellowing, with river flowing in the foreground.

Oct. 20, 2022

On Monday we received some much needed rain and a cold front that has been starting us out in the mornings around 40 degrees. While the trees still haven’t started turning, the moisture and cold spell will be good for the colors this year.

Maple tree with green leaves  River with hillside   Lost Maples park sign and fence with green trees behind.  Hillside of green trees and brush  

Oct. 17 2022

Not much change from last week. Sycamores are turning and some other trees but not much color yet. We hope to get some rain with the incoming front this weekend.
Trees with a slight yellowing  Trees with green leaves  Trees with a slight yellowing


October 7, 2022

Large maple tree with green leaves.

The park is still nice and green with the only evidence of fall being the yellowing of the Sycamore trees and the milder temperatures. As we get further into October, the leaves will be looking for that first cold snap and abundant sunshine to start their color transformation.


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