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Ranger Notes

Check here for progress reports on the construction at Palo Pinto Mountains State Park!

Establishing the Park's Personality

February 2022

Men looking out over distant viewI’ve worked at several parks throughout my career with TPWD.  Each of those parks had its own unique personality – a character that became clear as you travelled throughout the park. 

It wasn’t until I came to work at Palo Pinto Mountains that I realized how much effort it takes to bring the special quality of these places to the forefront of the visitor’s experience.

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Building an Experience

October 2021

Rocks stacked with opening in the middle at ground levelAs work on the park continues, I find myself thinking more and more about the wildness of this place. How was life for the people who wrote the history of this area with their blood and sweat?

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Roadwork Begins

Road crew smoothing dirt for road to boat ramp. The lake is in the distance. May 2021

Watching a new park come to life is an exciting thing for us. As work begins, you can almost hear the excited shriek of a child catching their first fish, or the awestruck gasp of someone catching their first glimpse of a Palo Pinto Mountains sunset.

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A Park is Born

visitor center buildingFebruary 2021

Construction is about to begin here at Palo Pinto Mountains State Park! But what will this new park look like?

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Donations welcome!

The Texas legislature approved $12.5 million in 2019 to build the park. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation agreed to raise up to $9 million, using public and private dollars to construct buildings in the park. Building construction is on hold until this money is in hand.

The Texas Department of Transportation will cover road construction using funds dedicated to building and maintaining roads in state parks.

You can help write the next chapter in Texas state park history by donating at TPWF is TPWD’s official nonprofit funding partner.

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