Advanced Hunter Ed Course and Workshops

The Advanced Course category covers a variety of offerings from an Advanced Course for certification, to Mentored Hunts or Special Workshops that focus on a particular type of hunting or unique skill. Special Workshops could cover subjects such as: shotgun, rifle or bowhunting; waterfowl hunting, deer hunting, alligator hunting, small game hunting with children, field dressing and processing deer, tracking wildlife, cooking wild game, firearm cleaning, and outdoor survival skills.

The Advanced Course for certification will include more than 6 hours of classroom instruction and involve more content and activities than our Basic Hunter Education or Enhamced Hunter Education Courses. The fee for the Hunter Edcuation Certification is $15. However, some instructors may apply additional charges for a class, such as range fees or facility fees, etc.

You need to make a reservation with the instructor to attend a course. Check with the instructor for directions and any special instructions prior to going to class.

We are currently transitioning to a new registration system. For the present time, both Basic and Advanced Classes are listed in the following schedule. Be sure to verify with the instructor that the class you are registering for is the Advanced Course.

Schedule of Basic and Advanced courses by city

Schedule of Basic and Advanced courses by date

Calendario de clases en Español 

Classes for the Hearing Impaired

You may also contact your local Texas Parks and Wildlife Department office or call TPWD Austin headquarters at 1-800-792-1112, ext. 62.

More questions? Check our FAQ page.

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