Sea Rim State Park Map


The park is located 20 miles south of Port Arthur on State Highway 87. The park is 10 miles west of Sabine Pass.

Note:  State Highway 87 is closed between Sea Rim and High Island.

The Park HQ is located at:
(degrees, minutes, seconds) N:  29° 40' 31.36"
Longitude (degrees, minutes, seconds) W:  94° 02' 36.99"

Other Maps

19335 S Gulfway Drive
Sabine Pass, TX 77655

Latitude: 29.675634

Longitude: -94.043222

(409) 971-2559

Make reservations online

Reserve by phone: (512) 389-8900

Entrance Fees
  • Adult: $3 Daily
  • Child 12 Years and Under: Free

Open daily.

Busy Season

April through July

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