Presenters: John Herron, Vernon Bevill

Commission Agenda Item No. 9
Texas Birds
April 2000

I. Discussion: Texas has 618 species of native birds, representing one of our most visible, and popular, wildlife resources. Over the past several years, Texas Parks and Wildlife has undertaken a number of bird-related projects. This item will provide the Commission an update on several bird-related issues and activities:

  1. The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail - The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail is now complete. A $1.4 million project, funded in cooperation with TxDOT through the federal Intersurface Transportation Act (ISTEA), the birding trail is considered a national model for community partnership and conservation. Plans are currently underway to expand this model to other parts of Texas.
  2. The Great Texas Birding Classic - This year’s Birding Classic, known as the ‘Ironman of Birding’ is now in it’s fourth year. This year’s event is scheduled for April 7-16 and will raise over $50,000 for conservation projects along the Texas Gulf Coast. Staff will update the Commission on the progress of the project, it’s accomplishments and this year’s schedule.
  3. The World Birding Center - Plans for the World Birding Center, a network of 10 birding sites, are progressing. Staff will update the Commission on the progress and plans for the project.
  4. North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) - NABCI is a cooperative venture with Canada and Mexico designed to "to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation through biologically-driven, landscape-oriented, regionally-based partnerships.’ Under NABCI, conservation plans and assessments are being prepared that will address the conservation needs of all native birds. The effort, just begun last year, will combine the current efforts of Partners in Flight with the Joint Venture structure created under the North American Waterfowl Plan. Staff will brief the Commission on the progress and plans for this important conservation effort.

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