Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
Public Hearing

January 2005 Commission Meeting

Donations of $500.00 or More
Not Previously Approved by the Commission

Donor Description Details
1. Rollings Plains Quail Unlimited Chapter Goods 4 gallons of Remedy & 4 reclaim Herbicide
2. EZ Dock of Texas Goods Antler Associates Sponsorship-floating dock for Wet Zone
3. SouthWest PaddleSports Goods Antler Associates Sponsorship-Kayaks for Wet Zone
4. The Texas Zoo Goods Antler Associates Sponsorship-TX animal display
5. SmartShield Sunscreen Goods Antler Associates Sponsorship-Sunscreen for visitors/staff
6. Ozarka Spring Water Goods Antler Associates Sponsorship-500 sport bottles; 20 cases 1-ltr for Banquet
7. Outdoor Cap Company Goods Antler Associates Sponsorship-1400 Expo caps
8. Safari Club International Goods Projectors, Color Laser Printers, Digital Cameras, related computer equipment and software
9. The Sanderson Reunion Goods 400 lbs. Ice O Matic Ice Machine
10. Lynn Lawther Goods 2 Longhorn steers
11. Hunter's Specialities Goods Antler Associate Sponsorship-275 duck calls
12. Haydel's Game Calls Goods Antler Associates Sponsorship-Game Calls
13. City of Grapevine Goods 2000 Ford Crown Victoria
14. Lavaca County Wildlife Management Association Goods ITT Industries Night Enforcer 160 Night Vision Viewer, Gen. III with 3X magnification lens
15. Arby's of Central Texas Goods Palo Duro Sponsorship-500 Hunter Ed lunches, 160 parking lunches
16. Arby's of Central Texas Goods Palo Duro Sponsorship-Kids' meal coupons, $5,000
17. Safari Club International-Houston Chapter Goods Garmin GPS V Deluxe units - 5 units donated
18. Hill Country Wholesale Goods Fin & Feather Sponsorship-Clay birds
19. Friends of Monument Hill/Kreische Brewery Goods Installation of electrical service on park grounds paid for by donor organization
20. Mossy Oak Apparel Goods Lake Fork Club Sponsorship- 91 dozen shirts
21. Park Host Volunteer Goods 2.5 KW Onan Generator mounted on a 4' x 8' stake bed utility trailer
22. Georgetown Farm Supply In Kind Antler Associate Sponsorship-Use of 6 John Deere Gators
23. Dallas Arms Collectors Assn, Inc. In Kind Antler Associate Sponsorship-Muzzleloading activity
24. Crosman Corporation (Crosman Air Guns) In Kind Antler Associate Sponsorship-Airgun activity
25. Benelli USA In Kind Antler Associate Sponsorship-Tom Knapp show, 1 show/day
26. Outback Steakhouse In Kind Antler Associate Sponsorship-Luncheon
27. The Sportsmen's Club In Kind Antler Associate Sponsorship-Seminars
28. Clear Channel In Kind Chairman's Covey Sponsorship-Media Promotion
29. Careco Multimedia, Inc. In Kind Lake Fork Club Sponsorship-TV ads
30. Omni Austin Hotel-Southpark In Kind Palo Duro Sponsorship-12 room nights, weekend stay, 4 board room rentals w/coffee breaks
31. Last Chance Forever In Kind Antler Associates Sponsorship-Birds of Prey Show (2)
32. Shoot Where You Look In Kind Antler Associates Sponsorship-Shooting Instruction
33. Big Fish Bowfishing Texas In Kind Antler Associates Sponsorship-Bowfishing Activity
34. La Invasora In Kind Chairman's Covey Sponsorship-On air & on site media promotion
35. Bowhunter Challenge In Kind Antler Associates-Bowhunter Activity
36. Horton Manufacturing Company In Kind Antler Associates-Crossbow Activity
37. Lone Star Bowhunters Assn In Kind Antler Associates-Archery Activities
38. Devil's Sinkhole Society In Kind Funding of repair of windmill, water tank, and water troughs at Devil's Sinkhole SNA
39. Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation Cash Priniting and shipping of approximately 1 million Texas State Parks maps for an estimated 86 sites with Toyota sponsorship recognition.
40. Pioneer & Co., Inc Cash Cash donation for Great Texas Birding Classic
41. Academy Cash Cash donation for Family Fishing Celebration
42. Parks & Wildlife Foundation (for Toyota sponsorship) Cash Chairman's Covey Plus sponsorship for Toyota-Cash donation
43. Lower Colorado River Authority Cash Antler Associates-Cash donation
44. Canon USA Cash Chairman's Covey Plus sponsorship-Cash donation
45. ChevronTexaco Cash Lake Fork Club Sponsorship-Cash donation
46. KB Home Cash Antler Associates-Cash donations
47. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Check in the amount of $50,000.00
48. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Check in the amount of $75,000.00
49. Walmart Foundation Cash Environmental grant
50. Sportsman's Warehouse Inc Cash Lake Fork Club Sponsorship-Cash donation
51. Cemex Cash Palo Duro Sponsorship-Cash Donation
52. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Support Hatchery Programs
53. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Lone Star Legacy Endowment Interest
54. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Support Hatchery Programs
55. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Support of operations
56. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Support of operations
57. Magnolia Charitable Trust Cash To assist with the funding of the Passport to Texas Radio Program Production.
58. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash As part of Toyota sponsorship with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation of Texas, Toyota is providing funding for the printing approximately 500,000 copies.
59. Terra Firma Adventure Racing Cash Adventure Race- Ray Roberts Lake SP Johnson Branch Unit
60. Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash To sponsor operating costs of these programs, includes, pick up, care, and feeding and return of ShareLunkers, DNA research and production of selectively bred fish.
61. Wildlife Experiences Inc Cash Reintroduction of captive bred Attwater's Prairie Chickens
62. O.P.E.C./Legacy Friends Groups Cash To fulfill the Concession Contract obligation
63. Gulf of Mexico Foundation Cash Reimbursement for future wetlands restoration work at Goose Island State Park
64. Colquitt R. Bramblett Water Right 1,236-acre feet of water from the Rio Grande River for deposit in the Texas Water Trust

Grand total: $688,437.08+