Presenter: Tim Hogsett

Commission Agenda Item No. 3
Outdoor Recreation Grant Funding
January 2005

I. Executive Summary: Outdoor Recreation Grants are made available from the Texas Recreation and Parks Account and the Land and Water Conservation Fund to Texas local governments for the acquisition and/or development of outdoor recreation sites. As of July 31, 2004 TPWD received 15 applications requesting $6,393,673 in matching fund assistance. Staff is recommending support of 11 projects in the amount of $4,792,337.

II. Discussion: The Texas Recreation and Parks Account Program (TRPA) was authorized in 1993 to assist local political subdivisions of the state in providing basic public recreation facilities. TRPA revenue is generated from a portion of the state sales tax on sporting goods.

Funds available include $4,239,001 from Fiscal Year 2005 TRPA revenue and $553,336 from previous LWCF appropriations. This review includes applications from 15 sponsors requesting $6,393,673 in matching funds for all applications submitted by July 31, 2004. Based on site visits and analyses, the projects have been ranked in descending order of priority. Exhibit A contains the priority listing with funds requested by the sponsors and funds recommended by staff.

Should an applicant selected for funding refuse or otherwise fail to meet the terms and conditions for program participation, grant funds for the selected project will be withdrawn and awarded to the applicant(s) with the highest sequential priority score(s) that can meet program requirements and that did not receive funding in the respective review cycle.

III. Recommendation: Staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"Funding for projects listed in Exhibit A in the amount of $4,792,337 is approved."