Presenter: Ted Hollingsworth

Commission Agenda Item No. 14
Land Transfer – Brown County
Lake Brownwood State Park
April 2006

I. Executive Summary: Staff recommends transfer of approximately 47 acres at Lake Brownwood State Park (the Park) to the Brown County Water Improvement District (BCWID) for lease to the Girl Scouts-Heart of Texas Council, Inc. (Girl Scouts).

II. Discussion: In 1934, the BCWID deeded about 537.5 acres in Brown County to the State Parks Board (the predecessor of TPWD) to create and maintain a State Park. In 1954, the State Parks Board agreed to lease 73 acres of Brownwood State Park to the Girl Scouts for 50 years. During that 50-year period, the Girl Scouts constructed a number of permanent improvements on the property (e.g., cabins, dining hall, swimming pool). When the initial lease expired in January 2004, TPWD agreed to a new lease of 60 acres to the Girl Scouts for 2 years with an automatic 2-year extension. The Girl Scouts actually use 47 acres of the leased property.

The Girl Scouts would like to build and/or upgrade permanent improvements on the property, but are unable to obtain funding for such improvements without a long-term lease or ownership of the property. TPWD staff does not recommend entering into a long-term lease with the Girl Scouts. Staff has consulted with the BCWID about returning 47 acres comprising the Girl Scout Camp to the BCWID. BCWID has confirmed its willingness to accept the property with the intention of entering into a long-term lease with the Girl Scouts, along with a stipulation in the deed transfer instrument that would return the 47 acres to TPWD if the Girl Scouts should cease operation of a camp on the site.

III. Recommendation: The staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"The Executive Director is authorized to take all necessary steps to transfer approximately 47 acres in Brown County to the Brown County Water Improvement District with provisions for reversion to TPWD if the property is not used as a Girl Scout camp."

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Commission Agenda Item No. 14
Exhibit A

Locator Map

This image is a representation for where the 47 acres to be transferred to BCWID lies in relation to Lake Brownwood State Park

For help in interpreting this map, please contact Jack Bauer.