Presenter: Frances Stiles
Martin Wood

Commission Agenda Item No. 3
Proposed Stamp and Print Artwork Program
November 2007

I. Executive Summary: This item provides the Commission the opportunity to review and approve the artwork utilized for the annual stamp and print program for Migratory Game Bird, Upland Game Bird, Nongame, Saltwater and Freshwater Fish programs.

II. Discussion: Under the terms of the state artwork design and marketing contract with Collectors Covey for Departmental print program, the Commission approves the artwork for the design of five of the collector stamps each year. The artwork for the remaining Archery stamp is provided by the TPWD in-house artist.

The artwork offered for Fiscal Year 2008 stamps consists of:

Print Year Artwork Subject Artist
2007 Migratory Game Bird Pintail Duck Jim Hautman
2007 Upland Game Bird Pheasant Bob Hautman
2007 Nongame Great Blue Heron Bruce Miller
2007 Saltwater Redfish Herb Booth
2007 Freshwater Fish Striper Bass Don Ray

The original artwork will be available for Commission review during the committee meeting and in electronic format for the public meeting. If the Commission finds the artwork satisfactory, the motion shown below is proposed for Commission consideration.

III. Recommendation: The staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approves the use of the above listed artwork for the print and stamp designs. The Executive Director is authorized to take the necessary steps to provide these stamps for sale to the public."