Presenters: Vernon Bevill

Commission Agenda Item No. 12
Results of the Recent Game Bird Hunter Surveys
January 28, 2010

I. Executive Summary: Staff recently conducted surveys of game bird hunters involving doves, quail and wild turkeys to assess a number of issues from season dates, to bag limits and zone lines. Results of these surveys revealed a high degree of hunter satisfaction across the board, with some items that need further review based on the insight gained from this round of surveys. Responses to dove scoping issues are included in this briefing item.

II. Discussion: Dove hunters in the North and Central Zones prefer a September 1st opening date regardless of the day of the week, and the new 15 bird bag limit is popular with both Central and South Zone hunters. South Zone dove hunters prefer a late segment to run as late as possible while North Zone hunters favor a late segment over a straight 70-day season. Texas dove hunters continue to strongly support all-day hunting. Quail hunters are open to the possibility of a north and south quail zone, but further review of this option would be required. Turkey hunters in East Texas support the month-long season over the previous season that ran the last half of April, and they support closing counties where populations have declined. Rio Grande turkey hunters are supportive of the current North/South Zone lines and North Zone hunters indicate interest in a third zone for the Panhandle.