Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
Public Hearing

January 28, 2010 Commission Meeting

Service Awards

Retirement Certificates
Division Recipient Title Location Length of Service
Coastal Fisheries Jowell Hearn, III Trans Maint Spec IV Rockport 30 Years
State Parks Ricky Weinheimer Park Spec. III Austin 27 Years
Law Enforcement Al Campos Major Austin 25 Years
Service Awards
Division Recipient Title Location Length of Service
Communications Steve Hall Manager V Austin 25 Years
Inland Fisheries Kevin Storey Natural Res Spec V Tyler 25 Years
Law Enforcement Scott Davis Captain Midland 25 Years
Law Enforcement Pete Flores Director III Austin 25 Years
Law Enforcement Willie Gonzalez Major Austin 25 Years
Law Enforcement Larry Hand Captain Tyler 25 Years
Law Enforcement Alfred Harmon Captain Angleton 25 Years
Law Enforcement Teri Potts Lieutenant Mount Pleasant 25 Years
Law Enforcement Marvin Lee Tamez Captain Corpus Christi 25 Years
State Parks Larry Fuentes Park Ranger V Monahans 25 Year
State Parks Robert Urbina Program Spec. Austin 25 Years
Wildlife Amos Cooper Natrl. Res. Spec. IV Port Arthur 25 Years
Wildlife Vickie Fite Program Spec. VI Austin 25 Years
Wildlife James Lionberger Natrl. Res. Spec. III Hermleigh 25 Years
Wildlife Monique Slaughter Natrl. Res. Spec. III Port Arthur 25 Years
Coastal Fisheries Robert Adami, Jr. Natrl. Res. Spec. V Corpus Christi 20 Years
Inland Fisheries Earl Chilton Natrl. Res. Spec V Austin 20 Years
Inland Fisheries Kevin Mayes Natrl. Res. Spec. V San Marcos 20 Years
Inland Fisheries Gregory Polk F&W Tech III Electra 20 Years