Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

March 26, 2015, Commission Meeting


Donations of $500 or more for March 2015 not Previously Acknowledged by the Commission
Donor Description Detail & Purpose of Donation *Amount
Jan Dauphin Cash Butterfly Gardens by the boat ramp at Bentsen SP $2,000.00
LQ Management LLC Cash State Park donations $1,445.42
Coastal Conservation Assoc. Texas Capital Property One ARIS Explorer 3000 Adaptive Resolution Imaging Sonar $98,850.00
Dr. Paul and Toni Burns Cash Donation to be used for Texas Horned Lizard research activities at Muse WMA $1,000.00
Brazoria County Capital Property 441.727 acres of coastal property per GLO statement $1,400,000.00
Coastal Conservation Assoc. Texas Other Goods One Manitowac Ice Machine- ID04552A-161 I Series $2,405.40
Scott Shafer Capital Property One 2005 Mercury 225HP outboard motor $5,000.00
Mule Deer Foundation Cash Mule Deer Habitat Enhancement Project #TX1412 at Yoakum Dunes WMA $5,000.00
Terry Hopper In-Kind Assisted WL biologists with infrastructure, equipment repair and outreach at Old Sabine Bottom WMA $2,550.41
Mule Deer Foundation Other Goods 50 ATS VHF radio collars $9,250.00
Mule Deer Foundation Other Goods One ATS R4000 Telemetry Receiver $2,650.00
Mule Deer Foundation Other Goods Telemetry accessories, antennas, chargers, etc. $345.00
Operation Game Thief Controlled Item One UTC Ultraview PTZ camera $2,842.00
Operation Game Thief Other Goods One removal, installation labor and miscellaneous cabling $665.00
Operation Game Thief Controlled Item One Dell Latitude ruggedized laptop computer $4,283.39
M.H. Inselmann Cash Priority Land Conservation Acquisition $2,000.00
Friends of Huntsville Capital Property One JD Gator UTV- 1MOHPXGSTEM 120653 $9,040.00
Friends of Huntsville Capital Property One Kawasaki Mule UTV $7,978.00
Nancy Gibbs Credit Card Specific-Inks Lake SP HQ welcome area-2 picnic tables, 4 benches, mulch/bedding material $2,200.00
Cheryl LeJune Cash Support for Becoming an Outdoors Woman program $500.00
Houston Safari Club Cash Mule Deer Restoration Project at Black Gap WMA/Adams Ranch $30,000.00
Roy and Judy Gurley Charitable Foundation Cash General Donation $2,000.00
San Jacinto Museum of History Cash Donation for reimbursement for Summer Day Camp brochures $1,787.89
Texas Wildlife Association Cash Matador WMA Youth Shooting Sports Event $500.00
Wild Sheep Foundation Cash Auction for Texas Desert Permit $63,000.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Capital and Operations at Powderhorn Ranch $131,416.00
Halliburton Giving Choices Cash State Park Donation $2,381.13
Brazos River Authority Cash Zebra Mussel Campaign $10,000.00
Green Mountain Capital Property One 12KW Solar Photovoltaic System includes installation $40,000.00
Total $1,841089.64

*Estimated value used for goods and services

In official recognition of the adoption of this resolution in a lawfully called public meeting of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, we hereby affix our signatures this 26th day of March, 2015.

Dan Allen Hughes, Jr., Chairman

Ralph H. Duggins, Vice-Chairman

T. Dan Friedkin, Member, Chairman-Emeritus

Roberto De Hoyos, Member

Bill Jones, Member

James H. Lee, Member

Margaret Martin, Member

S. Reed Morian, Member

Dick Scott, Member