Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

November 3, 2016, Commission Meeting


Donations of $500 or more for November 2016 not Previously Acknowledged by the Commission
Donor Description Detail & Purpose of Donation *Amount
Fieldwood Energy Cash Rigs-to-Reef, High Island Block A350 move to A349 $396,813.75
Texas Master Naturalist-Gulf Coast Chapter Cash Support to Sheldon Lake SP-prairie/wetland restoration, educational programs, special events and basic operations $2,000.00
San Antonio Livestock Exposition Cash TPWD Internships-Wildlife/25,000.00- Inland Fisheries/15,000.00- Law Enforcement/7,500.00 $47,500.00
Willis F. Lee Studio Other Goods 63 Color 11X17 photographic prints of Big Bend Ranch SP while touring with Dr. Warnock-Itemized list of prints are on file $23,000.00
Friends of San Angelo SP Controlled Item One custom built tour trailer for hauling 20 people at San Angelo SP $1,500.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Other Goods 43 State Park Pass Vouchers to assist Communications-Interactive Services $3,010.00
David R. Watts Cash Contribution to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Lifetime License Endowment Fund $500.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Foundation repairs on the Rice Family Log Home at Mission Tejas SP $15,000.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Controlled Item One Dell Laptop computer w/22" monitor to operate cameras for research purposes $4,117.28
Brent Ortego Other Goods Ninety one Assorted Black Mist nets for birds, two Identification guides, seven sets of multiple volumes for birding information and one shelving unit-Itemized list is on file $4,791.67
Woodbury's Taxidermy In Kind Taxidermy services for the Texas Grand Slam $3,350.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Donation for $4,680.00 and $52,320.00 for marketing, magazines and operations. Itemized list is on file. $57,000.00
Mule Deer Foundation Cash Mule Deer Water Improvement Project, MDF Project Code TX 1603 $5,000.00
Fieldwood Energy Cash Rigs-to-Reef Program, HI-A-334 "A" tow to TPWD Reef HI-334 $205,471.04
Fieldwood Energy Cash Rigs-to-Reef Program, HI-A-334 "B" tow to TPWD Reef HI-334 $284,800.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Capital Property One Polaris Sportsman 450-VIN 4XASEA458GA266349 $5,395.00
Fieldwood Energy Cash Artificial Reef Program, Rigs-to-Reefs $64,568.58
Fieldwood Energy Cash Artificial Reef Program, Rigs-to-Reefs $83,615.63
Friends of Huntsville SP Controlled Item One 2012 5x8 Utility Trailer, VIN4YMUL0814CT007314 GVWR 2000 LB $699.99
Friends of Rural Texans Controlled Item One Kubota 77700-06141 Back Up Camera Region 3 State Parks $607.99
Friends of Rural Texans Other Goods Beltec Items- H300 Digger $3,009.00/Rad 90C 9" Rock and Dirt Auger $1,059.00/Rad 120C 12" Rock and Dirt Auger $1,289.00/Bradco Item 625 Trencher w/48" Boom, 7/30 Shark and Cup Teeth, Hoses $4,797.00 $10,154.00
Friends of Rural Texans In-Kind Labor to Install backup Camera, 3 hours @ $95.00 per hour $285.00
Llano Estacado Quail and Pheasants Forever Cash Habitat Enhancement at Yoakum Dunes Wildlife Management Area $3,610.00
San Jacinto Museum of History Other Goods Two Automatic Xcelator hand dryers $840.00
North Texas Master Naturalists Cash Communication Trailmap Donation, $1,422.06 and Communication Reimbursement 77.94 $1,500.00
DSC Foundation Cash Creating Fire Lines on the North Toledo Bend WMA to help manage a prescribed fire. Material will be acquired to build gates for closing fire lines/access roads $5,000.00
Terry Hopper In Kind Assisted with infrastructure maintenance and equipment repair at the Old Sabine Bottom WMA $1,263.92
Karen Bush In Kind Assisted with conducting regulatory whitetail deer spotlight surveys $1,354.20
Elizabeth F. Henshaw Cash Donation to District 7 Wildlife Division $1,000.00
Cabela's Cash Win Your Dream Year Outdoors Promotion taxes $666.00
Total $1,234,414.05

*Estimated value used for goods and services

In official recognition of the adoption of this resolution in a lawfully called public meeting of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, we hereby affix our signatures this 3rd day of November, 2016.

T. Dan Friedkin, Chairman

Ralph H. Duggins, Vice-Chairman

Anna B. Galo, Member

Bill Jones, Member

Jeanne W. Latimer, Member

James H. Lee, Member

S. Reed Morian, Member

Dick Scott, Member

Kelcy L. Warren, Member