Commission Agenda Item No. 2
Presenter: Cindy Hancock

Approval of the TPWD FY 2017 Internal Audit Plan
November 3, 2016

I.             Executive Summary: Government Code, Chapter 2102, Internal Auditing, Section 2102.008, Approval of Audit Plan and Audit Report, states, “The annual audit plan developed by the internal auditor must be approved by the state agency’s governing board or by the administrator of a state agency if the state agency does not have a governing board.”
II.          Discussion: The Office of Internal Audit requests the Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) Commission’s approval for the Fiscal Year (FY)17 audit projects listed in Exhibit A.
III.       Recommendation: The staff recommends the TPW Commission adopt the following motion:

"The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission Approves the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department FY17 Internal Audit Plan as Listed in Exhibit A.

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  1. Exhibit A – TPWD FY17 Internal Audit Plan

Commission Agenda Item No. 2
Exhibit A

TPWD FY17 Proposed/Draft Internal Audit Plan
Project Title Comments/Description Budgeted Hours
Contract Audit To determine if proper contracting processes are in place to be compliant with state contracting regulations. 400
Audits of Selected Law Enforcement Offices To determine if proper fiscal control processes are used and consigned stock is tracked (12 Offices). 1200
Audits of Selected State Parks To determine if proper fiscal control processes are used (32 Parks). 3200
Audit of Selected Information Technology Systems To determine controls over select information systems; information and reporting accuracy. 500
Audit of Selected Federal Grants To determine compliance to federal and state regulations regarding federal grants. 500
Audit of License Agent Requirements To determine if rules are established to qualify License agents; review of the number of failed sweeps; determine if there is a need for revenue guarantee bonds or deposits. 400
Follow-up Audit To determine the implementation status of audit recommendations. 400
Special Projects Advisory; Request for assistance from management. 100
TOTAL 6700