BOW Legacy Wall

bow logo 2If BOW has enriched your life or if you support the BOW mission, you may wish to consider a gift, creating a Legacy that will help ensure its future. BOW depends on the generosity of many to provide programs offering an atmosphere where women feel comfortable learning new skills associated with hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities, in a supportive and non-threatening environment. What better way to make a positive impact for the organization that has deepened the appreciation for the outdoors life than by making a lasting gift? Your Legacy contribution is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion, beloved family member or close friend. Create your own lasting BOW Legacy today!

We have enjoyed knowing Lindsey Ritenour this last year. We wish her and her husband well on their new adventure in England. We hope she will be able to join us again at another BOW when they return to the states. Good luck Lindsey!

Karla Kniffin & Sharon Hayes - March 2012, Brownwood BOW